dinsdag 22 maart 2011

Take What You Don't Need (part 2)

When you think back, you still feel horrified about the experience. You knew it was going to happen though. You have spent your whole life preparing for the moment. And still it went wrong. 'If only one could alter the timelines of this world...' you start to think out loud, almost immediately realizing the stupidity of 'if' questions. You caress your belly with a touch of nostalgia in your eyes. Metal in an embrace of leathery skin. Why your stomach? Why not your lungs? Or your heart for that matter. Would an iron heart block you from emotions? You gently let your fingers caress your triangular HSM-tattoo and you slip away into wandering thoughts, not noticing the small creature staring at you with an intent gaze from a hole in a nearby fence.

(to be continued...)

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