dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Did her heart just sing? (part 3)

The small creature liked the alley he lived in. During the day he hid himself between the piles of garbage, but at night time he came out to watch the whores whore. He had the sexual maturity of a seven year old suburbanian kid, but watching the girls somehow gave him a warm fuzzy feeling in his stomach. Stomach. He looked at the stranger again. He had never seen him before, but he seemed different from all the other men who came to see the girls here. He talked to the girls, but didn't get into a car with them. The small creature felt there was something dangerous about this stranger, and everytime he saw the man's hands caress his belly, he felt the hairs on his neck and back stand up straight. The creature didn't know the exact definition of danger, but he sensed that this man somehow meant problems. Not knowing what to do in this situation, he scurried back to his garbage, leaving a little peephole so he could watch his favourite girl. Love was something the creature couldn't possibly comprehend, but he did know he had to see this girl as much as possible. Watching her get into a car with a slighlty bald businessman, he suddenly got angry. Not paying attention to the possibility of people seeing him, he hurried to the car and clang on to the back of the car. He had to follow her. He had to have her. For the first time ever a Worther had feelings of lust. Gently touching his until now so useless reproductive organ and grinning a wicked smile, the creature and the car disappeared into the night.

In a different universe, on a different line of time, a group of elderly Worthers looked victorious. Their experiment was finally starting to become interesting.

A man in an alley, caressing his stomach, could have sworn he saw a small dark creature rushing by him and disappear under a brand new BMW. "It's happening... it's about to happen... I'll have to hurry, only three more days..." the man mumbled, after which he hurried away, desperately looking for a phonebooth.

(to be continued...)

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