donderdag 14 maart 2013

the Self - Confronting the Shadow (A Techno Play in Three Acts)

i) Climbing the Mountain
After a long internal struggle, he has made the decision. To no longer be afraid to step forward. To face the shadow side of his unconscious head on. Adamant not to flinch, to take this journey to the end. Filled with a sense of ecstatic bliss he starts his ascent of the mountain. His odyssey takes him through hymns in the wind and he passes countless archetypes, those primordial images that pre-exist the Self. The trickster, the snake eating its tail, anima figures. He hums mantras and dances to percussion so the body and the mind can become one. The realisation: 'you can't fall off a mountain!' He reaches a calm near the top of the mountain. A cave near the center of the soul, close to the inner nucleus of the psyche. Chanting, a trance, a waking dream. It is here where the real inner journey towards the shadow side of the Self begins.

ii) Tapping into the Dream
In the dream things start to intensify. Eternal sounds come from both high above and deep below and start to envelope his Being. Aspects from the ancient and everlasting collective unconscious try to tap into him, trying to defy his Ego. Pure fear dances around the fire together with pure joy and his feminine side devours his masculinity and vice versa. Time becomes an eternal becoming of past-present-future in a crystalized image of future memories. A tower of psychedelic understanding weighs heavy on his heart, arrows of longing pierce his soul. Yet no harm is done because he searches this dancing of the Ego and the Soul.

iii) Acceptance and Rebirth
At the most frightening of moments it dawns on him, the realisation of what is necessary. He looks around and despite the chills over his spine he knows. He takes a deep breath and with full responsibility he accepts. His glooms, his downfalls, his fears, his desires. The fringes of his unconscious start spinning, spiralling towards the inner nucleus, towards the Self. He realises the ultimate core might never be reached, but that Life Herself is an eternal becoming Whole. He hears his unconscious calling out: "Look at me!" And as he stares into the dark depths he realises his vision plunges deep into his own eyes. A circling, a spiralling, a dancing! In an ever returning rebirth, aimed towards the completion of rituals, the Becoming Whole of the Self.

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