maandag 18 maart 2013

Frangible Lifestyles

Frangible Lifestyles

in this line of sand
leading away from the truth
i can read our future
even though it's emptier
than the hand you're holding out to me...
the deserted fields of our youth
once so full of hope
form the perfect context
for the howling wind
echoing in our empty hearts

this time the sky will stay grey
devoid of any sense of light
this time the birds will fall down
like a plague we considered to be merely mythical
our eyes won't find a place to rest
the metal machinery won't fuel our movements
as the cogs have started failing, one by one

we find ourself stuck in this desolate world
without any hope for a saviour
still we burn all the wood we can find, 
to create a fire of despair
our call for help...

but now our only concern left
is who will die first
and how to bury yourself
when there is no light
to guide your soul

-NT 2005

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