dinsdag 24 mei 2011

Embrace your body (part 6)

The little creature felt slightly odd. He tried his best not to pay attention to the weeping man, to only watch the girl and indulge in all her sexual energy. He couldn't, though. The noise the man was making irritated him, but somehow it did not make him aggressive. Instead, it made him sad. He couldn't understand what the man was feeling, but even with his primitive instinct he knew that the tears this man was crying were of great importance, that his sobbing and wailing could be a key to the answers to a lot of ancient questions. He shook his head fiercely and returned his gaze to the girl. An other instinct got a hold of him, the one telling him this was the moment for action. The creature closed his eyes for a second, smiling its wicked grin, indulging in what was going to happen. Then, with a burst, he ran forward, ran straight into the girl and disappeared into her body.

The man suddenly stopped crying. He was convinced he had heard something. The girl. Syrill! It was her voice, her scream he had heard. He looked up to her, looked straight into her eyes. The fear that hit him in the face was overwhelming. With a quiet moan the man lost consciousness. 

The creature looked at its new body. A drip of blood near the belly button of the girl was the only evidence something had happened . She was still there, buried in the mind, fighting the occupant. A wicked grin appeared on the face that was so sweet and girl-like only a moment ago. This was the creature's first body transfer, but he had succeeded. He was slowly starting to become aware why he was here on this planet. A short memory flash showed him other creatures of his kind. A spaceship. A dark whiteness. Then nothing.

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