woensdag 20 april 2011

Sitcom love (part 5)

While his drooling saliva made little stains on the already dirty carpet, the businessman kept crying and crying. Hearing the girl's name was to him a moment of sweet perfection, it filled him up with a happiness he had unconsciously been searching for his entire life. The feelings he now cherished for that moment, when her voice filled the air with the sparkling vibrations of her name, was the closest he had ever been to loving something, someone. His marriage was nothing more than a sitcom, it was only there to entertain people, to give the people around him a feeling of safety. A glimpse of normal life. 

Life had never been normal to him. Not since the day he had met that strange old lady. She had told him that what people thought was love, was only an indication of which way ahead love could be found. "People are too easily satisfied, as soon as they think someone loves them, they immediately declare their emotions 'true love'" If it wasn't for his young age (he had only been a 7 year old suburbanian kid), the man would have called her cynical, an old woman devastated by all the heartaches she must have suffered. But as he grew older and wiser, he began to realize the woman had come to an insight that could possibly be the key to understanding why we all were here. The man felt he was coming closer to the answers he needed. All his lost hopes were starting to come back to him. 

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