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Interview: Marriages

"At Roadburn there's this incredible community that forms at the festival."

In 2012 the LA outfit Marriages erupted onto the world stage with a truly delightful EP (Kitsune). The six tracks on that record melt together in a brilliant symbiosis of shoegazy post doom and psychedelic krautrock, overlaid with meandering and mesmerising vocals. Members Emma Ruth Rundle (vocals, guitar) and Greg Burns (synth, bass) both had already proven their musical abilities in post rock masters Red Sparowes, so the overall quality of their output under the moniker of Marriages was not unexpected. Still, they managed to succeed even the highest of expectations and one could only hope for more music.

Today sees the birth of Salome, their debut full length, released on the lovely Sargent House label, home to numerous of your favourite bands. On top of that, Marriages (with added drummer Andrew Clinco) is about to embark on their first European tour, as support of the mighty Wovenhand. More than enough reason to catch up with the band in these exciting time. Greg Burns has been so kind to answer a few questions over e-mail.

Marriages' new album Salome will be released this week. In what ways does this full length debut differ from the Kitsune EP? 

Greg Burns: "Kitsune was written almost stream of consciousness: we literally wrote the songs as one large half hour piece. Salome is different. Each song was written to stand alone, so the process of writing was very different. We really tried to focus and evolve our sound between the two records, to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of our music. Also, Andrew Clinco, our full-time drummer joined the band for this record and had a huge part in developing its sound."

You've played some shows in the US earlier this year, and I imagine the record has been reviewed here and there already. How's the reception been so far to the new music? 

GB: "We're just starting to see most reviews in the past week or so. So far the feedback has been very positive - I haven't seen a bad review yet, although I'm sure it's coming, haha! It seems that people get the references as well - a nod to 80's, post-punk, shoegaze. I really appreciate all the good commentary so far; this record was a long and trying process to create, so it feels very rewarding."

You're embarking on an extensive European tour, together with Wovenhand. This will be the first time Marriages will play for European crowds, right? What are your thoughts both on playing together with David Eugene Edwards and on enticing the European music lovers?

GB: "We're very excited to play with Wovenhand - we're all big fans of the music. It will also be a reunion of sorts. David's backup band has members of Planes Mistaken for Stars, and Red Sparowes played a bunch of shows with those guys over the years. As far as Europe, I'm very happy to go there, and curious to see what the response will be like. Marriages hasn't been there yet, so it's very hard to predict how it will go, but generally my experience with Red Sparowes was that people were very receptive and supportive."

Final one: you'll play the legendary Roadburn Festival, with Helms Alee and Russian Circles, among many others. What are your thoughts on playing there? 

GB: "I'm thrilled. I love that festival. Playing there with Red Sparowes was one of the best shows I've ever played. There's this incredible community that forms at the festival and people are just incredibly excited about the music. Walter (Roadburn promoter) is very sweet, and I'm thankful they included us. Also, there will be plenty of bands that we know - it'll be awesome to be able to get together and get into some trouble. Thanks!"

Marriages will kick of their European tour at the Roadburn festival this Thursday, on Friday they will play Doornroosje in Nijmegen. Here's the rest of the tour dates.

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