woensdag 2 juli 2014

Recommended reading: The Funambulist

Just a quick shout out to this blog I am following, called The Funambulist, written and edited by Léopold Lambert. It's filled with very interesting and critical articles on a number of related disciplines from an architectural point of view. In Lambert's own words:

"The Funambulist is a research platform written and edited by Léopold Lambert. Its name is inspired by a wondering/wandering on the line as architects' medium. A line on the white page splits in reality two milieus from one another and organizes politically the bodies in space. The act of walking on the line (funambulist means tight-rope walker) is an act of subversion of the traditional role of the line/wall. This name also refers to Philippe Petit crossing illegally the space between the two towers of the World Trade Center in 1974 and the funambulist in Nietzsche's Zarathustra who is said to die peacefully as he succumbs from the danger to which he dedicated his life."

It's highly recommended reading. A good starting point is this piece on the Mediterranean Sea as functioning as a wall, or an abyss, between the North and the South. This is such a poignant and emotional article. The abyss, the 'Gouffre', so salient a symbol while also having its literal meaning. Fortress North, whether north from a desert (Arizona) or a sea (the Mediterranean), always managing to deflect any attempts from Southern Bodies to connect. A self sustaining assemblage allowing only those connections it wishes to embrace

I recommend taking a stroll through this blog, since you will no doubt be intrigued by the different linkages that Lambert creates. 

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