zaterdag 12 mei 2012

A Snowflake Fading to White

A Snowflake Dawn

Cover up your scars
a woolen hat to warm your heart
mittens for pale hands
a scarf around your longing

Crawling up on the lap of your past
clinging on to a sense of safety
the uncertainty of wanting to love
the constant fading of a glimpse
of light
of life

A scream! -right ahead of you
your mirror blushing
your eyes sparkling
your dreams alive in a haze
of joy
of glory

Your hands reaching out
the answer lies within

And your heart aches!
for burning lips
in your neck
on your chest
for an embrace that lasts

And everything dissolves around you
a fading from black to white
to red
to red
too red to see...

But behind the mist you feel
someone thinking of you
the moment you fall asleep
the moment you wake up
the moment you smile
and think "Beauty!" -which is there indeed

And on the ice
the game continues
and in the snow
the cold warms you
and the dream becomes you!

A smiling tear
slowly heading down
caressing your face
meeting your lips in salty fashion
smiling -
you are alive

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