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From Lonely to Life

From Lonely to Life

Millions of years ago the earth was completely dark, there was absolutely nothing except for this dragon creature. The dragon was all alone, nothing and no one was around him. His name was Lonely. One day, when he was gazing upwards into a black sky, he saw a star falling down to earth. The star crashed into earth without any sound, and the dragon hurried towards the spot where the star fell.

The dragon was excited -he had never met anyone or anything in his entire life. The star saw the dragon and smiled at him. "Hello there dragon, my name is Wonder", said the star. "My name is Lonely", the dragon replied timidly. The star then told him that she came down to earth with a specific reason -to make the dragon wonder. She told him of dreams, of hope and light, of stories and songs, of waterfalls and forests. The dragon and the star spent hours and hours talking and listening, crying and laughing, singing and dreaming.

While time passed, the earth began to blossom with the dragon's dreams and hopes. Light was born, and water, noise and silence, and other creatures too. Colours embraced the once so empty and dark planet. The dragon gave life to earth with his hopes and dreams, gave soul to the planet, by wondering what kind of things there could be.

After some time, the dragon began to wonder about himself, and he came to a conclusion. He looked the star deeply into her eyes and said: "Wonder, I have changed. I am not me anymore. I am no longer Lonely. Who am I now?" The star replied with a smile full of life. "You are no longer Lonely indeed, my dear dragon friend. From now on, you are hopes and dreams, love and joy, imagination and the birth of your soul. From now on, you are Life". The dragon smiled and knew, he knew he was Life.

The star then started to ascend into the sky, telling the dragon she was proud of him. Now came the time for her to move on, to make other planets wonder, to make other dreams flourish into life. The star and the dragon said goodbye, both knowing that their lives were forever intertwined.

Long after the star Wonder was out of sight, the dragon turned around, sighed happily and muttered to himself his new name. "Life..." Now, it was time to live.

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